- Big ideas grounded in real insights


Strategist/Copywriter/Creative Director/Idea Generator

A handful of pitch decks that I led, wrote, and creatively directed.


adidas: Fitness X

For this project, adidas wanted to create a fitness focused series designed specifically for women. The goal was to help solidify the brand as an authentic leader for their female demographic while helping to drive traffic to owned retail spaces.

Using a mix of qualitative and quantitative research, I was able to develop key demographic insights that not only helped us win the business but also helped to guide everything from the logistics of the workouts to the aesthetic design of the campaign.

Spam: Quickfire Ideation

A large number of projects I've led run about a two week time frame, from initial RFP to the in-person pitch. This tight turn around needed my team to develop strategy, ideas, creative mocks, deck design and copy and once in a blue moon some time to rehearse the thing.

As crunched as these deliverables felt, every now and then we'd be handed a request to assist a client by EOD. These "shotgun decks" required me to rapidly pull together a team, bring them up to speed, inspire, generate ideas, and then condense the brainstorms into creative but succinct copy. This case study is a glimpse into what the client saw at the end of the chaos.

Ford: Warriors in Pink

This project was especially meaningful for me having had women in my life impacted by this terrible disease. The brand challenge was to identify opportunities for Ford to deliver "More Good Days," our self-identified challenge was to do so in as genuine and authentic a way as possible.

In order to avoid the pitfalls of simply throwing money at the problem and slapping a logo on the deed, I conducted first-hand interviews with survivors, their loved ones, and those on the peripheral in order to develop key insights into what people genuinely needed throughout this difficult time. In the end Ford was impressed by the lengths we went to ensure authenticity and our ability to synthesize that with the brand's marketing objectives.